New website, new beginnings & a little bit of how it all began!

What a year it has been. At the beginning of 2020, before pandemic and lockdown was even a thing, I made the decision to change my business name from FeelCreative to Sarah Berry Creative. It was time to have everything I do under my own name.

I have been designing and printing since 2007, originally for a canvas print company which eventually became my own. I took over the business knowing that there was so much more it could be, and began adding my own ideas to the business model. At the time I had a studio in Didsbury, Manchester which I quickly renovated (back to brick – I don’t do things by halves!) and added in a photography studio which was a dream come true. For years I photographed, printed and designed, bought my first house, got engaged, got married and then Baby Berry no.1 was born.

A change of role, perspective and direction. Away from the high street and a baby sleeping in the studio, it was time to figure out how to find that desired family/work balance, the juggle (or struggle?) to have it all.

The business went online, split into print, photography and design and I got to spend time with baby Max whilst running the show without the shop front. Fast forward a few years and another baby, house move and babies starting school, I’ve changed like we all do after growing older, learning from life and the ups and downs of having a young family, juggling snot and sports day, bum wiping and accounts. I find myself taking inspiration from these little people in my life, the way I think and work, and want to work has changed.

Since March 2020 it has been a constant battle of making ends meet whist juggling orders, figuring out how to home school 2 primary age children with minimal tears (not sure I managed that one too well!), keeping on top of snacks and a husband working from home who needs ‘quiet’ (not sure I managed that one either!). And then there was the creation of my new website that somehow needed to happen in the middle of all this.

This new website brings all my work together and from here new ideas will blossom and develop, ideas will be discussed, life will be documented and I’m looking forward to growing my business in new ways that reflect who I am now, where I have come from but without forgetting what I have learnt along the way.

I can’t wait to get started, but first, have a look around and welcome to Sarah Berry Creative.